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Clyde's Nassau Bahamas
The South Sea Islands of the Atlantic Ocean or The American Riviera

Just off the coast of south Florida are 700 islands across 100,000 square miles of
shimmering water. For those who have never
been there do not be surprised. You will not
see the mountainous like many of the other
Caribbean Islands. The Bahamas are for
the most part flat, but they more than make
up for it with the miles and miles of some of
the worlds best beaches. With surrounding
waters that have invited Scuba Diving,
Snorkeling and those who just hang at its
edge. With beaches of white golden and
even pink sands.

Graced with beautiful beaches of pink sand, evocative windswept panoramas and countless opportunities for diving, snorkeling and fishing, the islands of the Bahamas are well established as one of the world's top draws for both intrepid explorers and casual vacationers. An island chain beginning a mere 55 miles east of Miami, Florida, the Bahamas offer an array of tourist hotels, all-inclusive resorts, and even rustic lodges, making staying there a relatively simple endeavor. Indeed, more than three million travelers each year choose the islands as their prime destination for outdoor sports, sun worship, casino gambling and, on some of the slightly more remote spots, eco-tourism. Miami Beach Hotel Reviews

In total, the Bahamas include around seven hundred islands, no more than thirty of which are inhabited, as well as smaller cays (pronounced "keys") and rocks - an impressive arc stretching from just beyond the Atlantic coast of Florida to the outlying waters of Cuba, where Great Inagua lies only sixty miles offshore. Although deeper oceanic troughs surround some of the islands, most are encircled by shallow, crystalline water that reflects a light turquoise hue during the day and glows with purple luminescence at night. This combination of shallow and deep water makes diving and snorkeling both challenging and intriguing, with numerous reefs waiting to be explored just beyond the shores of the gorgeous, uncrowded beaches.

The Nassau Bahamas are not part of the Caribbean they
are in the Atlantic Ocean. These islands are still
a great showcase for all the culture of the
Caribbean Lifestyle.

The most popular islands of the Bahamas are
New Providence with Nassau and Cable Beach.
It offers Mega Resorts, Gambling with its
Las Vegas style entertainment. Plus being a
favored stop for Cruse Ships.



Miami Beaches

There is more to Bahamas than just the Beach. Check out some of the other things to see and do. In my
Nice Tips on Things To Do Nassau Bahamas.

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Nassau Bahamas Fishing

Looking to do some Sportfishing while you are visiting
Nassau Bahamas Fishing
give Tom a call and he will
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Scuba Diving, Nassau Bahamas

If Scuba Diving Nassau Bahamas is what you have in mind Tom can set you up so you can enjoy your day beneath the clear warm
waters of the Bahamas.


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Next we have the Grand Bahamas Island
with Freeport and Lucaya. With all the
attractions that can be found on New Providence
without all the hype.

Bahamas: vista sull'Oceano Atlantico

The Out Islands of the Bahamas offer a peek into
the way they used to be. They are not as easy to
get to. It may take a couple plane rides and a ferry
trip to get to your hotel. Well worth the trouble if you
are looking for miles of uncrowded beaches with their
clear waters. Dotted with small towns.