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New Providence Night Life

Generally, nightlife in Nassau and on Cable Beach resembles a charming version of 1920s tourism, with the major resort hotels hosting a variety of bars and clubs. The biggest "floor show" in town is Kings and Knights at the Nassau Beach Hotel, where King Eric and his Knights perform steel drum music with limbo and fire dancing , while the Drumbeat Club on West Bay features Junkanoo music and limbo as well. Every hotel on Cable Beach has its own disco , with the most lively being the Fanta-Z Disco at Sandals . Also popular is the bar at Cafe Johnny Canoe on Cable Beach, and Conch Fritters on Marlborough Street, across from the British Colonial Hotel . Major dance clubs include The Zoo , west of Nassau, the Rock and Roll Café , on Cable Beach, and the new Bahama Boom Beach Club , downtown near the wharf. The Silk Cotton Club on Market Street is famous for its jazz music, while Cocktails and Dreams is a quiet nightclub on the beach, just west of the British Colonial . Smaller clubs include the Pacific Bar on Victoria Street, Millie's Place just off Devaux Street and the Drop Zone , catering to locals and tourists alike.

On Mackey Street, the Dundas Centre for the Performing Arts (tel 242/393-3728) provides a year-round schedule of music, theatre and dance, featuring both local and foreign artists. The magazine What's On contains a section on the latest nightlife offerings.


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