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New Providence Sailing and Boating

Seahorse Sailing Adventures
Hurricane Hole Plaza, Paradise Island (242) 363-5510

The Seahorse 1 is a 53 catamaran along with her sister ship The Seahorse II a 63 catamaran. Our newest and largest addition is the Seahorse III a 65 catamaran.These catamarans feature a spacious covered bar and lounge areas perfect for cocktails, hors d oeuvres, buffet lunches and dinner parties. There is cushioned seating, private bathrooms and accommodations for up to 280 passengers. Our professional captains and enthusiastic crew promise you an experience of a lifetime.

Blackbeard's Cay   242-363-5940/1   Nassau, The Bahamas

Blackbeard's Beach Break
This voyage takes you on one of utter relaxation; enjoy a 25-minute boat ride through the crystal clear waters of Nassau Harbour. Your are our guest on the private island Blackbeard's Cay. Frolic in pristine waters, dance in the brilliant white sand, find a lounge chair, recline and unwind.
Stingray Adventure
Guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Meet the guardians of Blackbeard's Treasure, The Atlantic Southern Stingrays. Experience the beauty of touch; join in the feeding programme, meet the stingrays face-to-face, skin-to skin. A Bahamian experience that's a must have!
Stingray Express
Are you a thrill seeker? Come take a Speed Ride. Get aboard an authentic offshore powerboat. Feel the wind in your face, while you dance on the seas. In less than 6 minutes you will be whisked away to tranquility and serenity, to the beautiful Blackbeard's Cay.


Flying Cloud     242-363-4430   Nassau, The Bahamas

Located at Paradise Island Ferry Terminal. Sailing on this fast 57' catamaran is an experience to remember. Flying Cloud and her crew want you to enjoy a day of sailing and snorkelling, or a romantic sunset at sea.You'll find there's nothing like the exhilaration of gliding through the ocean at high speed while all you can hear is the splash of waves as you cut through the water and the sound of the wind as it fills the sails. Captain Craig and his crew are waiting to give you the experience of a lifetime.

Sea Island Adventures    242-325-3910  Nassau, The Bahamas

Includes all equipment, lessons and fish feeding on the fish-laden coral reefs right off our beautiful beach at Rose Island. It's a snorkeler's paradise. Cruise past islands and cays aboard our state-of-the-art-catamaran. At our out island private facility, enjoy one of the world's top beaches. Play volleyball, basketball or table tennis. Enjoy water sports with our kayaks, paddleboats, floats, inner tubes or compete in our fun organized games. Or just relax in a chaise lounge. Enjoy a delicious Bahamian lunch consisting of BBQ Ribs, Sea Island Chicken, Peas 'n' rice, Pasta Salad, native fruits in season and a glass of white wine. Enjoy fruit punch all day on the island. Then relax in a hammock and gaze out at the beautiful sea. This trip is superb for the whole family!

Seaworld Explorer   242-356-2548  Nassau, The Bahamas

is a cruising, underwater observatory and guided marine tour. Renowned throughout Caribbean as a popular tourist adventure, this semi-submarine provides a unique opportunity for everyone, not just divers and snorkelers, to experience the wonders of life underneath the waves. The Seaworld Explorer was originally designed and manufactured in Australia for research use on the Great Barrier Reef. The vessel remains above sea level at all times while its hull, the underwater observatory, is five feet below the surface.

Island World Adventures      One Marina Dr, Paradise Island
(242) 363-3333\(242) 357-7782 (Cell)
Enjoy an extraordinary all-inclusive excursion to the Exumas aboard Island World Adventures' state-of-the-art, high-speed vessels. Discover paradise at Saddleback Cay; enjoy snorkelling, nature and sandbar hikes; an authentic Bahamian lunch; feed sharks, stingrays and barracudas; visit an island inhabited solely by iguanas.

Powerboat Adventures East Bay St, next to Nassau Harbour Club
(242) 393-7116\ (242) 393-7126
You are now entering the world of Powerboat Adventures: Step aboard our high speed powerboats for the most exciting journey of your life. Experience the rush of adrenaline as you leave Nassau to snorkel crystal reefs, feed wild stingrays, sharks and iguanas... all the while surrounded by some of the most spectacular views in the world on your very own private island...



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