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The Bahamas offer a wide variety diving for scuba divers. With over 700 islands
you can pick from countless reefs, shipwrecks, drop-offs, caves and coral gardens.
New Providence has more places to dive than you can do in one trip. So most dive
operations offer a good cross selection to choose from.

Here are just a few around Nassau

Klein's Place
The other side of Hump Cay  you find a large crescent shaped sand patch. Great
for novice divers. You will find a large selection of Sponges, hard and soft corals.
Good spot for our smaller sea friends.
Avg. depth  50 ft.

The Marion
Situated on a large sand area dotted with coral heads, you reach the top of the wreck at 50ft, and goes down to a maximum depth of 70ft. Sea life includes southern stingray spiny lobster and the green moray that hide among the wrecks crevices,
Avg. depth 50 - 70 ft.

Black Forest
amed well, For its coral formations. Hard corals loom from the sandy bottom creating a landscape that most divers say resembles a forest. Sea life, includes hammerhead, reef, nurse and silky sharks plus loggerhead, green and hawksbill turtles.
Avg. depth 70 ft.

Wagon Wheel
This dive site is named for the spur and groove coral formations radiating in all directions from a large central sand patch. These form the spokes of the wheel and provide many nooks in which to look for everything from Arrow Crabs to Spotted Moray eels.
Avg. depth 20 ft.


Queen Angel Ridge
his site is composed of a thick coral ridge right on the edge of the wall. This site has particularly nice soft corals that gently wave in the clear waters.
Avg. depth 25 ft.

Jeff's Ladder
Two large circular sand patches surrounded by corals situated near the false wall at a depth of 40ft. Navigation is particularly easy for divers, as both sand patches cover a large area; so getting lost is pretty difficult here.
Avg. depth 40 ft.

Jean's Dream
A great site to observe cleaning stations and smaller sea life, such as banded coral shrimps and Christmas tree worms. Jeans Dream is a classic shallow reef dive, 25-30ft/ 8-10m perfect for those seeking ease and relaxation. Riddled with gorgonians and sea fans, colorful parrotfish, shoals of French grunts and jewel like damsel fish.
Avg. depth 25 ft.

South Peters Place

Another shallow reef dive, South Peter�s Place has the combination of a circular sand patch and a dense coral garden. With a maximum depth of 30ft, this site is great for new divers. Sea life include shoals of surgeonfish and blue tangs, stoplight parrotfish, tiger and Nassau grouper.
Avg. depth 30 ft.


Peters Mystery Special
This dive site offers a beautiful coral garden at an easy depth of 30ft. Maximum depth reached on this dive can be 40ft, perfect for those who are first time divers. Sea life include parrotfish, to French grunts, to fire worms. Great spot to observe the reefs cleaning stations.
Avg. depth 30 ft.

Love Hill
A large sandy area with a W shaped reef, Love Hill is a perfect spot for new divers. It is a shallow site with a maximum depth of 15ft. Branching from the main strip of reef, coral formations grow, forming many sand channels, that provide a maze like environment,  Great for meandering around colorful reef at a very shallow depth.
Avg. depth 15 ft.

Red Shoal
Situated to the south in front of the AUTEC "haul down tower", Red Shoal provides an excellent snorkeling and dive site, this is a shallow spot with depths reaching 20ft. Large shoals of French and blue striped grunts embellish the rich and healthy Elkhorn coral formations.
Avg. depth 20 ft.





Trumpet Reef
Large coral heads formed mainly of brain coral, fire coral and Elkhorn coral dot the sandy bottom behind the tiny island of Hump Cay. With depths up to 25ft, Trumpet reef is a great spot to snorkel and dive. Snorkellers can enjoy the close proximity to these large coral heads, which grow only a few feet form the surface. Divers can explore beyond this site, by heading east to reach deeper water to the site called Peter's Mystery Special.
Avg. depth 25 ft.

End of the Reef
A shallow site perfect for snorkellers and first time divers. With large elkhorn coral formations creating swim throughs that open up into small pockets throughout the reef. One pocket is so beautiful, we named it Ariel�s Garden.
Avg. depth 15 ft.

Central Park
Central Park is a beautiful coral garden rich with soft corals, particularly gorgonians, at a depth of no more than 30ft. A perfect place to spot moray eels.
Avg. depth 30 ft.

Giant Staircase
Fantastic coral formations descend like giant steps over the edge of the wall into the abyss. Experience multilevel �wall flying� at its best as we follow ancient streambeds where water falls once cascaded into the sea and then cruise back up soaking in the dense proliferation of sponges, invertebrates and tropical fish. Keep your eyes in the blue for large pelagic species such as sharks, rays, and turtles that frequent this area, in addition be sure to check out our garden eel patch where these shy skinny fish hang out.
Avg. depth 80 ft. to 120

Whip Wire Wall
This beautiful multilevel dive is located on a nearly vertical wall covered in whip and wire corals. Only seen at deeper depths these unique corals coil out away from the wall into the blue in a riot of pastel colors. Worth a close look is a cone shaped coral head that is ten feet tall right on the edge of the wall affectionately referred to as "Baldares Cone" because of a certain resemblance to a cone headed "Saturday Night Live" character.
Avg. depth 80 ft. and down

Over / Edge of the Wall

This is a Small Hope Bay Lodge signature dive with a little bit of everything for everyone. Weather you choose to take the plunge and experience one of the most exhilarating feelings in this life plummeting down to an ice age shore line at 185 feet or you wish to make your way along the coral grottos along the top of the wall filled with marine life of every description this site has plenty to offer. Pristine reefs and sheer drops combine to provide an ideal area to observe the oceans natural bounty. It was here back in the 1960's that wall diving as we know it today began.
Avg. depth 70 ft. and down

Turnbull's Gut
Named for resident marine biologist and long time friend of Small Hope Bay Lodge, Tim Turnbull, this is a wall dive not to be missed. Right on the edge of the tongue of the ocean there is a large fissure in the coral buttress running along the edge of the wall. This feature provides an excellent swim through in which you can enter on the top of the wall and swim surrounded on all sides by coral until you exit at 120 feet with nothing below you but thousands of feet of water. On top of the wall shoals of Mahogany Snappers and French Grunts play amidst large vase sponges and Star Corals.
Avg. depth 100 ft.

Hanging Gardens
Here lush coral gardens decorated by large barrel sponges hang over the edge of the abyss. These formations beckon to divers to take their time and poke around every nook and cranny sure to hold surprises for the careful eye. From the tiny cleaning Pederson's shrimps tucked away in their Spiral Anemone homes to the truly extraordinary once in a lifetime Hammerhead shark this site is sure not to disappoint.
Avg. depth 95 ft.

Alec's Caverns
This is an incredible cavern dive composed of a mature "spur and groove" coral reef in which fingers of coral extending to the edge of a "false wall" (a step along the way to the real drop off) have grown together producing coral caverns and caves with multiple entrances and exits. On this dive you will observe rare cryptic sponges, shoals of sleeping Glassy Sweepers, along with a proliferation Squirrel Fish, and the occasional sleeping Nurse Shark. The inside of the caverns is out of this world as light trickles down through natural windows filling the tunnels with a magical glow. This is our most enclosed cavern site so be sure to bring along a flashlight so you don't miss any of the action!
Avg. depth 90 ft.

Diana's Dungeons
Spectacular swim through coral passageways are on the menu at Diana's Dungeons. These wide and well-lit formations are easily observed as you wind your way in and out of our "false wall". This site is home to a variety of soft corals that wave elegantly on the top as well as amazing red encrusting algae found on the inside of all of the swim throughs. During the summer months you can often find large numbers of silver sides as well as the fish that eat them like Bar Jacks and Yellowtail Snapper.
Avg. depth 90 ft.

Goat Cay Wall
This is a phenomenal wall just off shore from Small Hope on the far side of Goat Cay, here you will enjoy an immaculate coral garden suspended above the steep drop off into the tongue of the ocean. Along with the usual proliferation of sponges, corals, fish and invertebrates this site also boasts a spectacular large swim through that is filled with silversides during the summer months.
Avg. depth 100 ft.

Brad's Mountain
Brad's Mountain is named for "legendary" Small Hope divemaster Brad Percel. Located south of Small Hope and a stones throw from the Shark Emporium where we conduct our weekly shark observation dives this site has something to offer everyone. Here you can observe bar jacks darting in and out of the swarms of silversides crowd the many small swim through and caverns that honeycomb Brad's Mt during the summer months. Those that are looking for encounters with schooling fish will not be disappointed as we frequently see huge shoals of horse-eye jacks, Atlantic spade fish and Bermuda chubs, in addition there are also sometimes adult permit and of course a host of sharks who are perhaps hopeful that we have come to do a shark dive but are just a little lost.
Avg. depth 50 ft.

The Barge
Dive on a real piece of Small Hope History! The Barge is what remains of a boat that was used to transport building materials from Nassau for the early construction of Small Hope. The Barge was sunk in order to make an artificial reef and underwater attraction, today the Barge is a Mecca of marine life and bountiful corals, this site is home to moray eels and spider crabs galore as well as friendly groupers. In the area surrounding the Barge there is a beautiful false wall that we call the "Coliseum". The false wall is a step down along the way to the real wall that drops into the deeps of the tongue of the ocean
Avg. depth 70 ft.

The Blue Hole
Andros Island has more blue holes than any other place in the world, diving in these natural wonders is an unforgettable experience. Blue Holes get their name because they are perfectly round entrances into the subterranean cave system of Andros Island and when viewed from the air they appear a deeper blue color then the surrounding ocean water.
Avg. depth 100 ft.


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