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Ecotourism in Bolivia
This resource contains information about the ecology of Bolivia and details of its National Parks and Reserves.

This article demonstrates the success of an ecotourism project that trained guides and as a result led to the formation of an Ecotourism Association by the local community. This organization assists visitors and coordinates efforts by local people to make money from tourism.

Management of facilities, visitors and activities related to ecotourism: Moremi Game Reserve
A report on the seminar on Planning, Development and Management of Ecotourism in Africa and the Regional Preparatory Meeting for the International Year of Ecotourism, 2002 (Maputo, Mozambique, 5-6 March 2001).

A National Ecotourism strategy for Botswana
The report describes the process through which Botswana's National Ecotourism Strategy has been developed, with its strong emphases on stakeholder involvement and on incentives for adherence to ecotourism 'best practices' rather than enforcement (which can be both expensive to apply and difficult to enforce).
Ecology and sustainable tourism articles from the excellent website.


Tough battle for True Ecotourism in Canada
This report demonstrates that even though Quebec was the host in May 2002 to the World Ecotourism Convention, genuine ecotourism is not easy to find in Canada.

UNESCO Statement for the World Summit on Ecotourism
Report from World Ecotourism Convention May 2002.

Aboriginal Tourism Team Canada
ATTA is the national Aboriginal tourism association, a partnership of business and government, whose mission is to influence and develop tourism policies and programs to benefit Aboriginal people in Canada. The ATTC vision is "to represent Aboriginal people as world leaders in tourism in harmony with our culture."

Green Tourism Association, Canada
Discover what is happening in ecotourism around the world. Link to a wealth of information ranging from chats and forums in Canada to golden rules of eco-travel to research projects.


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