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Italy, officially the Italian Republic (Italian: Italia, IPA: [i'taːlja] or Repubblica Italiana, IPA: [re'pubːlika ita'ljaːna]), is a Southern European country. It comprises the Po River valley, the Italian Peninsula and two large islands in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily and Sardinia. It is shaped like a boot and for this reason Italians commonly call it "lo stivale" ("the boot").

The Italian Republic shares its northern alpine boundary with France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. The country also shares a sea border with Croatia, Slovenia and France. The independent countries of San Marino and the Vatican City are enclaves within Italian territory. It belongs to the Republic also the commune of Campione d'Italia, an enclave in the territory of the italian Switzerland. The Republic includes only the 93% of italian physical region, delimited conventionanlly by the alpine watershed; besides the above-mentioned enclaves, the following territories do not belong to the country: the Principality of Monaco, Nice with Briga and Tenda, some strips of the Alps near the French border (Monginevro, Moncenisio and Piccolo San Bernardo), the italian Switzerland (Canton Ticino and some valleys of Grigioni), the peninsula of Istria and a piece of Venezia Giulia, the island of Corsica and the archipelago of Malta.

Italy was home to many well-known and influential European civilisations, including the Etruscans, Greeks and the Romans. For more than 3,000 years Italy experienced migrations and invasions from Germanic, Celtic, Frankish, Lombard, Byzantine Greek, Saracen, Norman, and Angevin peoples, and was divided into many independent states until 1861 when Italy became a nation-state.

Italy is called "il Belpaese" (Italian for beautiful country) by its inhabitants, due to the beauty and variety of its landscapes and for having the world's largest artistic patrimony; the country is home to the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites (41 as of July 13, 2006).

Today, Italy is a highly developed country with the 7th highest GDP in 2006, a member of the G8 and a founding member of what is now the European Union, having signed the Treaty of Rome in 1957.

Inhabitants of Italy are referred to as Italians (Italian: Italiani or poetically Italici).

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Since then Italy has experienced a strong economic growth, particularly in the 50s and 60s, while lifted the country among the most industrialized nations in the world, with a perennial political instability. The Christian Democratic Party and its liberal and social democratic allies ruled Italy without interruptions from 1948 until 1994, marginalising the main opposition party, the Italian Communist Party, until the end of the cold war.

In 1992-94 a series of scandals destroyed the post-war political system. New parties and coalition emerged: on the right, Forza Italia of the media-mogul Silvio Berlusconi is the main successor of the Christian Democrat party. On the left the Democrats of the Left are the moderate successor of the Communist Party, while the most liberal and progressive catholic politicians belong to the Daisy (Margherita). In 1994 Silvio Berlusconi's Forza Italia and its allies (National Alliance and the Northern League) won the elections but the government collapsed because of its inconsistency and incompetence after only a few months. In 1996 Romano Prodi's center-left coalition won the election. In 2001 the center-right took the government and Berlusconi was able to remain in power for a complete five year mandate. The last elections in 2006 returned Prodi in the government with a slim majority.

Italy is a founding member of the European Community, European Union and NATO.


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